Project delivery services cover a broad range of activities, from project setup and execution to program and portfolio management. Many large organizations set up PMOs – Project Management Offices – to perform these activities. PMOs can provide project management-based education, frameworks, standards, and staff to execute your projects. What do you do, though, when you do not have the budget to staff a PMO or hire a sufficient number of project managers? What if you have one project that requires specialized expertise that you do not have in house, and you do not want to hire an FTE to run the project?

Paying For What You Need

Fractional Project Management offers the ability to hire a seasoned project manager to address project delivery services, without requiring that your organization hire someone full-time. Your load is decreased – no benefits to pay, no payroll taxes to cover – and the project manager works as many or as few hours as needed for the demands of the project.

For most projects, time expended by a Project Manager is greatest at project initiation, solution design, and production deployment, then ebbs during the development and testing phases. Fractional Project Management enables you to control your costs by only paying for time needed, instead of paying a full-time salary when a full-time need does not exist.

Working With You

A Fractional Project Manager is more likely to work within your culture and operational norms. Instead of imposing a project management methodology on your organization, they look to deliver project success with your project team. Their expertise provides flexibility to do what is best for your organization instead of implementing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you are looking for specialized expertise or need to augment for a single project, Fractional Project Management is a solid approach. Essential PM Services is fluent in Fractional consulting within all project delivery disciplines. We can help assess your project delivery needs and determine if Fractional Project Management would be a benefit to your organization.

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